Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue
This treatment is focused on targeting and releasing tension where chronic pain and soreness is present deep within the muscle. This specialized technique is also helpful in rehabilitation of an injured area. Your session will include deeper pressure throughout the massage with the use of warm towels and the option of menthol infused pain relieving muscle gel.

Let us whisk you away with this smooth, flowing and gentle technique. Stress will decrease as you begin to feel the benefits of increased circulation and relief of muscle tension.

Prenatal Massage
A loving and gentle technique is used to help treat the discomforts of pregnancy. Symptoms such as swelling, muscle soreness and backache can be reduced, as well as the stress that accompanies them. You and your baby will rest in the most comfortable position supported with pillows so you both can fully enjoy this nurturing treatment.

Customized Reflexology Treatment
Based on the ancient Chinese therapy, this treatment involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands that correspond to different areas of the body. It can also include applications of organic fruits and vegetables and aromatic oils. This is truly a calming experience that benefits the whole body.

Swedish, Prenatal, & Reflexology Pricing Schedule:
30 Minutes………..$40            75 Minutes…………$80
45 Minutes………..$50            90 Minutes………...$95
60 Minutes………..$65            120 Minutes … …$125
Deep Tissue Pricing … add $8 to desired time

Warm Stone Massage
Smooth stones are used throughout this luxurious treatment to penetrate the body with warmth while melting away aches and pains. Stimulate circulation, relax muscles and reduce inflammation head-to-toe with this ancient Chinese healing practice….…$80  (We do not advise this treatment if you are pregnant)

Couples Massage

Do you have a special someone you want to share a relaxing experience with? Our facility has the perfect room to accommodate for two. Or even better -- check out our Couple's Escape package!






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