Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

An incredible day, packaged to fully indulge your special someone. We have carefully selected these signature treatments to satisfy your mind, body, and soul.

This day includes:

  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure
  • Customized Serendipity Facial
  • One Hour Swedish Relaxation Massage
  • Private Reflexology Foot Treatment
  • Luxurious Spa Hand Treatment with Warm Paraffin
  • Light Spa Cuisine
  • Heel peel

COUPLES' ESCAPE - $270 per couple

Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

Treat that significant other in your life to an unforgettable romantic spa package. Let us Wisk you both away on a journey filled with relaxation.

This day includes:

  • Side by Side One Hour Swedish Massage
  • Side by Side Classic Spa Pedicure
  • Choose one - Serendipity Tease Facial or Private Reflexology Foot Treatment
  • Light Spa Cuisine
  • A coupon good for a free appetizer at any of the The Common Man Restaurants

GIRLFRIENDS' GETAWAY - $130 Per 2 Friends

Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

What a great way to "catch up" and have fun! Come in with a friend and enjoy a Serendipity experience.

This package includes:

  • Side by Side Classic Spa Pedicures
  • Side by Side Luxurious Classic Spa Manicure with Warm Paraffin
  • A coupon good for a free appetizer at any of The Common Man Restaurants

TEEN SPA PACKAGE - $100 (30 minute Swedish Massage can be added for an additional $40)

Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

A menu of services designed for our next spa generation. All services are formulated for adolescent skin types and done with utmost concern for the care and comfort of our young guests.

This package includes:

  • Serendipitous Teen Facial
  • Teen Pedicure
  • Make-up lesson
  • Spa Gift

MOMMY & ME - $90

Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

All girls want to be just like Mom, so what could be better than being pampered together? Of Course this could be Grandma Too!

This package includes

  • Classic Spa Pedicure for Mommy
  • Luxurious Spa Hand Treatment with Warm Paraffin for Mommy
  • Sparkling Mini Manicure for Child


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

Our Signature Hot Stone Massage combined with our New Hot Stone Foot Reflexology Treatment. Let these smooth stones glide across your body and "melt" the stress away head to toe. 1 1/2 hours of total secluded relaxation.

THE TEASE - $130

Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

Half-Hour Massage
Introductory Facial
Classic Spa Pedicure
Light Spa Cuisine


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

One-Hour Massage
Custom Facial
Classic Spa Pedicure
Light Spa Cuisine


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

One-Hour Massage
Custom Facial
Classic Spa Pedicure
Light Spa Cuisine


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

One-Hour Massage
Sports Foot and Leg Treatment
Gentlemen's Skincare Treatment
Serendipity Body Glow
Light Spa Cuisine


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

One-Hour Massage
Classic Spa Pedicure
Customized Facial
Serendipity Body Glow
Light Spa Cuisine


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

One-Hour Massage
Serendipity Glow Body Treatment
Deluxe Spa Pedicure
Foot Sculpting
Customized Facial 
Make-Up Application
Light Spa Cuisine

*Our gift certificates do not have an expiration date and we never deduct fees if the gift cards are not used right away. Prices are subject to change so it is best to check with the spa coordinator for our current prices. We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Gift certificates are non-refundable. Sorry, mailed gift certificates are unable to be boxed but are packaged in a beautiful envelope.




A zero gravity experience that produces ultimate levels of relaxation for your body, mind, and soul. Sit back and lie completely buoyant in heavily saturated epsom salt water that is the same temperature as your skin. The float session allows your mind to be free of stimuli and your body to be free from pressure. It creates the ultimate level of relaxation in a zero gravity state.


60 MINUTES - $60

90 MINUTES - $75 






Take time to rebalance your skin and your spirit with one of our cleansing facials performed by our clinically trained estheticians. All facials include a face, shoulder, hand and foot massage (this can vary based on your specific skin condition). We also perform an in-depth analysis on all facial clients and would be happy to explain our findings with you. One-hour service.


Our customized entry-level facial using pure ingredients designed for maximum results depending on your specific skin type and individual needs. A combination of cleansing, exfoliation, European steam, light extraction, specialty mask and replenishing cream will leave your skin refreshed, hydrated and looking radiant


Groundbreaking technology used for skin exfoliation and dermal hydration without the use of harsh crystal grains. This dual-function technology uses steam and high-vibration micro spheres to rid the skin of dead cells, excess oil, toxic substances and bacteria while helping to penetrate specific solutions designed to decrease discoloration and minimize fine lines leaving your skin supple and vibrant. Undeniably, a must for those seeking to put their best face forward!


Baby boomers, this is the facial for you! Our clinical dermatology line offers the latest ingredients in the battle against aging. Let our highly trained clinical estheticians assess your current skin condition and assist you in choosing the most suitable treatment (chemical peel, paraffin, Vitamin C, whatever your special needs require). Take an hour to rejuvenate your skin and your soul.


This dramatic facial is specially designed for heavily congested skin. It includes a mild exfoliation, European steam, advanced extraction techniques, detoxifying massage, high frequency germicidal treatment applied to destroy the bacteria that aggravates acne, and a customized mask


This specialized facial addresses a man's specific skin needs including the prevention of ingrown hairs and soothing razor burn, as well as correcting damaging results from daily shaving and sun exposure. Deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, and European steam are followed by an anti-stress face and shoulder massage, finishing with a personalized mask. Tailored for the male client.

CLEAN & CLEAR TEEN FACIAL - Single Treatment $45 (Or, Series of 6 treatments for $240, $40/facial)

A 45-minute thorough skin cleansing treatment that helps clear impurities from young skin. The primary focus of this treatment is to exfoliate dead skin cells and extract blackheads, as well as sooth the skin with a customized mask. As skin care professionals, we will take time to explain an appropriate skin care routine. A series of treatments can be purchased at a reduced price. (This treatment does not include a massage)

GLYCOLIC PEEL FACIAL - $75 follow-up designer peel application.. $20 (monthly maintenance is recommended to dramatically change the skin)

These highly advanced treatments are used to promote younger, smoother and healthier skin. We highly recommend this facial for sun-damaged, dehydrated, acne prone/scarring and aging skin. This uniquely targeted facial includes "the works"…deep cleansing, topical peel application, light extractions if necessary, customized mask and replenishing cream. Prior in-depth skin analysis preformed by our clinical estheticians is required to book this facial.


This is a quick and refreshing peel introducing vitamins, enzymes and nutrients into the skin.  This peel can easily fit into your lunch break (hand & foot massage not included)


Radiant skin on the back and shoulders is an absolute necessity. Our back facial involves a deep-pore cleansing and steam to lift impurities, followed by gentle extraction, a relaxing massage and a specialized treatment mask. Your back never looked so good


Add to any Facial 15 minutes




This treatment is focused on targeting and releasing tension where chronic pain and soreness is present deep within the muscle. This specialized technique is also helpful in rehabilitation of an injured area. Your session will include deeper pressure throughout the massage with the use of warm towels and the option of menthol infused pain relieving muscle gel.


Let us whisk you away with this smooth, flowing and gentle technique. Stress will decrease as you begin to feel the benefits of increased circulation and relief of muscle tension.


A loving and gentle technique is used to help treat the discomforts of pregnancy. Symptoms such as swelling, muscle soreness and backache can be reduced, as well as the stress that accompanies them. You and your baby will rest in the most comfortable position supported with pillows so you both can fully enjoy this nurturing treatment.


Based on the ancient Chinese therapy, this treatment involves the application of pressure to specific points on the feet and hands that correspond to different areas of the body. It can also include applications of organic fruits and vegetables and aromatic oils. This is truly a calming experience that benefits the whole body. 


30 MINUTES - $40

45 MINUTES - $50   

60 MINUTES - $65

75 MINUTES - $80

90 MINUTES - $95

120 MINUTES - $125

DEEP TISSUE PRICING - Add $8 to desired time



Smooth stones are used throughout this luxurious treatment to penetrate the body with warmth while melting away aches and pains. Stimulate circulation, relax muscles and reduce inflammation head-to-toe with this ancient Chinese healing practice (We do not advise this treatment if you are pregnant).


Serendipity Day Spa Gift Certificate

Do you have a special someone you want to share a relaxing experience with? Our facility has the perfect room to accommodate for two. Or even better -- check out our Couple's Escape package!
Serendipity day Spa - Couple's Massage



DELUXE SPA MANICURE - 45 Minutes, $34 (French polish application... extra $5) 

In addition to paying close attention to the nails, your hands are gently exfoliated to remove rough skin, blissfully massaged and then dipped in paraffin to lock in added moisture. Great for dry, chapped and/or aching hands. Finish with your choice of this season's most beautiful polish colors. Keep your hands looking young with this amazing service. 


Enjoy all that our deluxe spa manicure has to offer without the warm paraffin dip or mask


Say hello to the new hybrid nail polish utilizing patent pending technology with both Gel and UV. A true innovation in chip free, extended nail color. Polish is dried instantly
and lasts for up to two weeks.

OPI/SHELLAC - removal and conditioning) 15 Minutes, $10

Same as our OPI or Shellac signature manicure. Does not include removal of prior OPI or Shellac.

OPI/SHELLAC CLASSIC - includes nail prepping and conditioning 45 Minutes, $35

OPI/SHELLAC SIGNATURE - includes removal, nail prepping and polish 60 Minutes, $45

DELUXE SPA PEDICURE - 60 Minutes, $50

This is the most pampering your feet will ever receive. A true recipe to soothe your "soles". This ultimate Spa Pedicure includes an aromatic whirlpool bath in one of our state-of-the-art, pipe-free pedicure thrones offering the client the safest and most sanitary pedicure on the market. The whirlpool bath is followed by nail shaping, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, and paraffin dip. Finish with your choice of this season’s most beautiful polish colors. A total experience! By far the best pedicure in New England. (Ask our guests!)

CLASSIC SPA PEDICURE - 45 Minutes, $40

Same as our deluxe spa pedicure without the paraffin dip.


Using the latest technology say goodbye to rough, calloused heels and say hello to petal soft feet! Add on to your pedicure for an additional $10 or enjoy this service alone for $20

GENTLEMEN'S PEDICURE - 60 Minutes, $50

Great for tired feet in need of some attention, the gentleman’s pedicure includes a warm footbath, exfoliation, nail shaping and a foot and leg massage (the choice of our paraffin dip or our four step heel peel is included)




A Spa Party at Serendipity Day Spa, is the perfect way to treat yourself and your friends to the best luxuries life has to offer. The atmosphere at the Spa is perfect for bonding and sharing friendship. Spa Parties can be custom created to suit your personality, occasion and budget. Every Spa Party is unique. Serendipity's licensed providers will revitalize and pamper you and your friends in our beautiful spa. Spa Parties are as unique as you are.


If you've got a reason for a party, we've got a party to suit it. 
Let us help you celebrate:


Bachelorette Party


Bridal Party


Wedding Day




50th Birthday


Sweet Sixteen


Tiny Tot Princess Party


Teen Glamour Party


Final Ezam Party


Family Reunion


Championship Game Pre-Party


Employee Recognition Party






Photo and Glamour Party


Mommy and Me


It's a Staycation






How long do spray tans last? How do I make my spray tan last longer?


How long do spray tans last? 5 to 15 days. Pretty easy, right? Now comes the tricky part: how to get your tan to last out to that 15 day mark instead of just lasting 5. For that, I have good news and bad news:


The bad news is that, chances are, you’re the one preventing your tan from lasting 15 days. The good news? I’m the one who’s going to help you change all that. You can thank me later, but for now: let’s get started!


The first step in understanding how to get the most out of your tan is understanding how your tan got there in the first place. While it may seem like magic, the darkening of your skin is due to a naturally derived ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA for short). As you know, the color is only temporary though! This is because, unlike UV rays from a natural sun tan, spray tanning only affects the topmost layer of your skin. This means that the tan you just got from your friendly spray tan professional will only last as long as that top layer of skin, which is determined by your personal skin cycle (where dead skin sloughs off and is replaced by newer skin underneath).


While everyone’s skin cycle is as unique as they are, there are still proven ways to lengthen the time between skin cell birth and death; better, there are also ways you can improve your spray tan prep to get more out of each visit! So read up and enjoy!


Before Your Spray Tan


  1. Exfoliation
    Even when you’re not spray tanning, exfoliation is a good idea, but it’s an even better idea when you are spray tanning. Exfoliating cleans your pores, removes unwanted residues from soaps, shampoos, fragrances (and who knows what else you touched today), and best of all it also restarts your skin cycle by removing all the older skin, bringing you to a clean slate. This is perfect for spray tanning because the fresher your skin is the longer you have before your tan starts fading, and because exfoliating removes those residues, which can actually create a barrier between you and your tan. By exfoliating properly you can extend the life of your tan by up to three days!
  2. PH Balancing Sprays, Prep sprays, Barrier creams
    Simply put: avoid PH Balancing Sprays, avoid Prep sprays, and don’t use Barrier creams. Anything that is sprayed or applied to your skin prior to your spray tan service is going to negatively impact your tan by creating a barrier between you and the solution. This barrier means that the tanning solution is not adhering as effectively as it could, so you aren’t getting the best tan results possible, resulting in a faster fading tan and in some cases a blotchy or patchy tan where the DHA couldn’t get through at all due to the barrier.

What about the benefits of using them? (This is usually where readers get mad!)

Unfortunately it’s been proven that PH Balancing Sprays and other prep products offer no discernable benefit to a spray tan. The sad fact is that those products are just another way for the companies that produce them to make money. In actuality, because they create a barrier between you and your tanning solution, these products can make your tan results worse instead of better! Mad yet? Yeah, I thought you might be!

  1. Shaving
    It is okay to shave the morning of your spray tan, but only if the service is still a few hours away, and only if you have time to exfoliate your skin afterwards. The reason these requirements are in place is because shaving opens up the pores in your skin and the shaving cream leaves a residue on your skin, both of which can negatively impact a tan’s life expectancy and performance. If you absolutely must shave right before your tan, do so with lukewarm water, a brand new razor, and an oil-free shaving cream; the results won’t be perfect, but they’ll be better than the alternative!
  2. Sun burns
    For pretty obvious reasons, skin peeling from sun burns can wreak havoc on a spray tan. In fact, the results are often so unpredictable that many spray tan professionals will refuse to spray you if you’ve been recently burned! The reason for this is simple: a sun burn causes your skin to slough off in big patches, resulting in a horribly uneven tan that can virtually dissapear overnight as you peel. The best advice? Wait until after your skin has recovered before getting your next spray tan–and of course: don’t get burned!!

After Your Spray Tan

  1. Solution with Alcohol
    Solutions are often blended with alcohol to act as a drying agent for your spray tan. The idea is that the alcohol will make the stickiness and tackiness of an oil-based spray tan dissipate faster. Unfortunately this comes at a price. Just as the alcohol is drying out your tan, it is also drying out your skin. Drier skin is proven to have a much higher turnover rate than moisturized skin, so alcohol will actually be causing your tan to fade faster and unevenly. There are ways around this, like moisturizing far more frequently than you normally would, but the easiest we’ve found is to simply offer products that do not contain alcohol. Having an alcohol-free solution means that your skin won’t be turning over faster, extending the life of your tan!
  2. Tight clothing after the service
    Everyone loves fitting into their skinny jeans, but when it comes to spray tanning that’s a big “No No”. As you’ve probably noticed before, a spray tan rubs off on clothing. You may think that this is just the bronzers rubbing off, but with oil-based solutions this is also a strong indication that you are losing DHA as well! The less DHA you have on your skin, the lighter your tan is going to develop and the sooner you’re going to be booking another appointment with your local spray tan studio. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t still be fashionable! Wearing a loose fitting dress is always an option, and you can still rock a skirt–just don’t cinch that belt or tightly lace up those boots until after the DHA has had a chance to develop and you’ll be fine!
  3. Rinsing off too early
    The most catostrophic thing you can do to a tan is wash it off too early, before the DHA has had a chance to work its magic. This will result in you completely losing your tan (or at least most of it), and possibly your voice from screaming at yourself. Now, before you say anything you’ll regret, just remember: most “traditional” spray tan solutions require a full 8-12 hours to develop. There are rapid tan solutions out there, which means you can leave the solution on for as little as 30 minutes in some cases, but it’s important to understand that you’ll still lose your bronzer color when you first rinse off with a rapid tan. Don’t freak out though: the tan from a rapid solution will darken over time (that same 8-12 hours), and you’ll be tan again soon!
  4. Using products that harm/negatively affect a spray tan
    Maintaining your skin’s health with different beauty products is always a good idea, but when it comes to your spray tan there are a surprising number of products that can actually harm your tan! There are too many to go into in this article, but a good rule of thumb is to purchase beauty products that have been specifically tested for use with spray tanning, such as those skincare lines sold by spray tan solution manufacturer’s; failing that, I recommend finding simple soaps, shampoos, and scrubs that have the fewest ingredients possible: the fewer the ingredients, the less likely it is to react negatively with your tan!
  5. Not moisturizing
    Shame on you! There, now that that’s out of my system: if you aren’t moisturizing on the days following your spray tan appointment then you are setting yourself up for failure. Moisturizing ensures that your skin stays healthy, which means that your skin will turn over slower. See where I’m going here? The more you moisturize, the longer your tan will last. If that’s not enough, moisturizing also will help keep your dry areas (like elbows or knees) from fading faster than the rest of your body. All in all, there really is no good reason to not moisturize after your spray tan!
  6. Ocean water/Chlorine/Excessive sweating
    I’m pretty well a fish when it comes to pools and swimming in the ocean, but I’ll also be the first to tell you that the chlorine and salt really does a number on my skin. Likewise, working out dumps tons of salt onto your skin and can wreak havoc on a spray tan. The best way to combat this is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! After you work out, after you go for a swim, or any other activity that gets salt, dirt, or grime on your body: rinse the chlorine or salt, or whatever it is that you got into, off of your body and then make sure to apply your favorite moisturizer so that your tan doesn’t suffer from your active lifestyle!






CHIN - $7

NECK - $12




BACK - $40+

CHEST - $35



BIKINI - $25









  • Girlfriends' Getaway
    $130 Per 2 Friends
  • Mommy & Me
  • Serendipity Featured Facial
  • High Performance Anti-Aging Facial
  • Warm Stone Massage
  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure
    from $50
  • MON
    9AM -5PM
  • TUE
    9AM - 8PM
  • WED
    9AM - 8PM
  • THU
    9AM - 8PM
  • FRI
    9AM - 8PM
  • SAT
    9AM - 4PM
  • SUN
    1st/3rd of every month. 10-4


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My dream was not merely to open a Spa but to create a place where people feel special, welcomed and relaxed while receiving the industry's top treatments. 

  • Great technicians. They offer so many services. I love this place
    Jeanette Craigie
  • I had the deluxe pedicure and I certainly enjoyed the atmosphere of the day spa, and the paraffin wax was a special treat!
    Brittany Frank
  • The reason I love this place? The people, the service, the atmosphere...it's just a very relaxing place to be.
    Michelle Curran
  • You will enjoy and walk away relaxed feeling like you just got the best pampering. Felt like a queen!
    BobbieJo Downs